Friday, March 8, 2013

Carl Quiltman's Odd Quilt Tales

The Odd Quilting Tales of Carl Quiltman should not be mistaken for the popular genre of cozy quilting mysteries. It is fiction that honors the sentiments of that style but crosses genres and blends them in new ways.

These short stories take place within the quilting culture of Southern California. Carl uses these fictional tales to explore human nature, the darkness and the light that exist simultaneously within the human heart. He explores the chaos and randomness that pervade a theistic universe, a universe created by a loving God. A universe where we search for meanings that transcend hardship.

If you are a quilter, don't be afraid to lose yourself in these short, intense stories. Don't expect them to be like any quilting fiction you have read before. Hopefully, they will inspire your next art quilting project to reach a new level of originality.

Short Story Collection

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