Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Short Quilting Fiction Stories by the Mysterious Carl Quiltman

Who the hell is Carl Quiltman? He comes out of nowhere releasing a barrage of short stories about quilters and quilting, invading the quilt fiction market. His genre bending plot styling confuses the likes of some aficionados of cozy quilt mystery stories.

Carl Quiltman's Kindle books are short and intense, strange yet common. They are stories about quilt makers and quilt lovers, those folks that love all things quilting and the culture that goes along with it. But the stories go beyond that, reaching into the surreal at times.

Carl Quiltman's style might best be described as the quilt mystery meets David Lynch. For 99 cents, give these quilt fiction stories a try.

5 stars - Quilting is murder
5 stares -  Quilt of Revenge
5 stars - The Strange Quilter
5 stars - The Magic Quilt

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