Friday, April 19, 2013

The Carl Quiltman Interview and his Amazon Author Page

Carl Quiltman Amazon Author Page

It is rumored that Carl Quiltman was a man noted for his beautiful art quilts before a long arm quilting machine fell on his head while he attempted to repair it for a friend. He was rushed to neural surgery where a steel plate had to be put in his head. Major damage was done to his cerebral cortex.

He could no longer quilt. That area of his brain was mangled into a gray, lifeless jelly. Despite his handicap, he took up writing. He writes what he thinks are quilting mystery stories but are actually bizarre trips into a mind lost to random synaptic electrical storms.

Interviewer: "Carl, why do you write short stories about quilting?"

Carl Quiltman: "Because I love quilts and the folks that make them. I write in the hope that my stories will inspire originality in the art of quilting. I have a vision that beautiful quilts have power to change the world for the better."

Interviewer: "Thanks Carl. You're forever the optimist."

Carl Quiltman: "Or a fool. Some think I'm a Buddha. I change with the barometric pressure."

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