Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Fringe-Matrix-Capacitor New Sci Fi Paperback

The Fringe-Matrix-Capacitor

Stories spanning centuries of time - from the present to a stupefying future - these are the bizarro sci fi chronicles of instantaneous space travel.

- End of Space -
Fringe Traveler Incorporated is a small, decaying factory on the verge of bankruptcy. They make sensory deprivation tanks, a once trendy fad fast fading into obscurity. The owner, Garrett, discovers his hidden genius and builds a vehicle that can journey to the end of space - traveling faster and farther than anything before - by being absolutely motionless. What exists beyond space? This novella blends hard science fiction with cosmological, spiritual and philosophical speculation, questioning the very nature of reality in a search for ultimate answers.
- Atom Malfunction -
Samuel is a dishwasher at Gordo's Tacos. He builds a homemade spaceship in his carport using a fringe-matrix-capacitor motor bought from his somewhat shady workmate, Jose. The spaceship works but Sam ends up crashing on a pleasant Caribbean style beach on a planet three parsecs from earth. Strangely, he finds Jose's decapitated body on the beach and Sam is mistakenly arrested for murder. Unknown to earth, a human colony already exists on this planet, SCB1, where very odd things are going on. There is much more than a murder charge for Sam to deal with on this world that suffers from a severe reality handicap.
- Galaxy Riff -
The Homeland Universe has been thoroughly explored. Humans comfortably populate many worlds. Celeste, a hotshot speedglobe pilot, takes on tough assignments but her favorite is a routine pickup and delivery to Panopsha, a southern fringe planet where her friend Sam has a chicken farm... except they're not really chickens and they don't really lay eggs. An eruption from the neighboring forbidden universe enters Homeland space, disrupting reality and threatening to destroy Panopsha. Humanity rallies to save itself from being engulfed in chaos. Is it too late?
- Brahman Land -
In the distant future the Fringe-Matrix-Capacitor technology has spawned the Galactic Gospel - the reality of the Absolute beyond space. An enthusiastic group of evangelistic believers travel the Homeland Universe spreading the word. An airless planet of non-breathers is discovered. A missionary team is sent from Earth to share the Galactic Gospel, but the project runs into a snag. The non-breathers have a few surprises in store for their evangelistic alien visitors.

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