Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is 'The Teddy Bear Singularity' the best book ever written?

From Opinion Press Blog

   Is “The Teddy Bear Singularity” the Best Book Ever Written?

   It must be.
   The Teddy Bear Singularity is an eBook available only on the Kindle. What is so interesting about the book is the emotional response it invokes in some folks. One lady, in reviewing the book, said she wishes she could give it a negative 5 stars. Interesting. Interesting because she took so much time with the ebook. She wrote reviews and scattered them across the internet bad-mouthing the book. I wonder what upset her so much about it? How could this novella of approximately 17,500 words cause such a reaction? It is as if she went on a personal crusade to stop others from reading the book - made it her project to save the world from reading The Teddy Bear Singularity. Here is a quote from this woman after she was asked why she listed spoilers:
   “Here’s the thing, because I really shouldn’t have blamed it just on the length: usually I follow that rule. I always try not to give away anything; usually I’ll even say “that’s about all I can say without giving away anything” BUT this review was the exception to that. The book was so horrid, that I figured anything I could write would only further warn people to stay away from it so they weren’t left with the same icky, gross, disgusted, confused feeling I was at the end. ”
   I realize she meant to say “… warn people to stay away from it so they weren’t left with the same icky, gross, disgusted, confused feeling I had after finishing it.”  She did not mean to say the book had transformed her into an icky, gross, disgusted, confused feeling…  she remains a human being. 
   So, is The Teddy Bear Singularity the best book in the world? I can’t answer that, but I will give it a 5 star review for so profoundly influencing a  human being  to go on a verbal rampage to vent her disgust. I find it interesting that she got the book for free, read the whole thing, wrote a long review and then posted it in various places on the internet.
For heaven’s sake, it was free! The author is struggling to get the book noticed! I ask what motivates a person to develop such a personal vendetta for a free ebook by a struggling author?

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