Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A beautiful 6x9 paperback - Hallucinations - $6.95

Hallucinations - in paperback - is available now. $6.95 

Brain damage can be a blessing...

Gilbert lives in small desert town. For most residents, the days pass tediously. Fortunately, Gilbert has brain damage and hallucinates a fascinating menagerie of otherworldly creatures - he is his own biological entertainment system. That's all well and good for Gilbert but when events occur that cause his visions to enter into the real world, the nightmare begins.

Lizard men, phantoms from space, transexoids, bat-like flying testicles, the desert landscape morphing into canned Spam...the world has never ended this way before.

"OMG - this book is brilliant - its got some of the most imaginative and bizarre literary ideas roaming around its pages - the whole thing is inspired - I especially loved the Spamscape - total genius and highly entertaining bizarro romp - buy it and die laughing (you probably won't die, but you'll definitely laugh)..." - David James Searle

"I could make comparisons like, if Hunter Thompson, David Wong, and Jordan Krall had a baby, that baby would grow up to write this book, but I wont. This is a highly original, totally entertaining tale that even if you had a pair of high powered binoculars you couldnt see where it was going. Funny, scary, and thoughtful its refreshing reading something that has no stereotypical characters doing redundant things. It is very fast paced with enough action to make Micheal Bay proud! I'm glad I read this book and I have one more by Mr. Beam that I am looking forward to devouring. Eat up and get lost in a great imagination!" - chrisjets1975

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