Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Transcendental Bizarro Sci Fi Fiction

Bizarro Definition
I'm playing around again with sub-genre classifications of Bizarro fiction. Bizarro is defined quite well by Lee Thomas in the following quote:
"Bizarro is literature of the weird. This isn’t the same thing as experimental fiction, which is weird in its structure and sometimes unreadable. In Bizarro, it’s the characters, plot, setting, or premise that is weird. Bizarro is linked to absurdism and surrealism, but being fun to read is more important than any particular theory or philosophy." - Lee Thomas Bizarro Fiction: Literature of the Weird

Transcendental Bizarro
Transcendental Bizarro is not so concerned with gore and grossness for it's own sake. The movie equivalent of Transcendental Bizarro literature would be a David Lynch movie. I am a big fan of David Lynch. In my opinion, his movies are filled with suggestions of a higher reality beyond the material realm. This theme runs through most of his work and is easy to see once you grok the stylistic techniques he uses.

The list of ebooks on the Beam's Doorway website are now classified as the sub-genre Transcendental Bizarro.

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