Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Climbing that High Mountian All Alone - the Indie Authors

From the Kindle Publisher Support Forum:

Indies have every right to be proud. Here's an earlier thread I wrote on this subject:

I'm proud of you...
Posted: Nov 6, 2011 5:02 AM Reply

For all Indie writers, especially novelists,
I know that most of you are avid readers with favorite authors, be they literary, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery or an eclectic mix. Go pick up one of those books now and check out the "acknowledgements". In most cases, you will find a lengthy list of team members that made that book a success: agents, researchers, editors, publicists and "supporters"...all with skin-in-the-game, rooting for the book. Oh, and money. Lots and lots of money.

But that's not you, is it? Most of you have produced one or more original, entertaining and well-written books all by yourself. Maybe you paid an editor or someone to help design a cover, but it was all your emotional and financial investment, your guiding hand. It still came down to you to say, "Okay. I'm ready to publish." And then you became the whole marketing department, too. Gradually, thank God, you actually began to sell some books.

And the traditional publishers and their fans came running to congratulate you on this solitary miracle, right? WRONG. They came at you throwing eggs, bad reviews and negative blog posts. Right here on Kindle they started a forum thread titled "How to Avoid Indie Authors".

You know what? Screw them. I know what you have achieved. You have climbed a very tall, forbidding mountain all by yourselves...AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.

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