Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Excerpt from upcoming ebook "Atom Malfunction"

New! excerpt from Atom Malfunction by Stephen Beam

 ...a wise old rabbit sitting in a dark leather chair, scribbling in a notebook. I am reclining on a dark leather couch. The rabbit is my psychiatrist. He strokes his chin's whiskers and is so very serious. I am frightened at his attitude. He is projecting a grave concern over my mental health.
“How long have you felt this way?” The rabbit asks.
“What do you mean? Like what?
“Like you have an uncanny ability to reason out a complete hypothesis starting with so little information, so few facts. You have invented a complete history of a nameless planet that you've lived on barely a day. I think you're nuts.”
“Nuts? That's a very unprofessional attitude to take with your patient!” I'm so angry with the rabbit  I'm about to pop a vein. How dare this rodent speak to me this way.
“You arrogant human, always so superior, so knowing. You don't know shit. You want unprofessional? I'll show you unprofessional.” The rabbit reaches into his big oak desk and pulls a gun from the top drawer. It is a Walther P38. Nice piece.

I jump from the couch and head for the window and crash through the glass, falling two stories to the street below. I hear shots ringing out and waste no time finding a safe spot from flying bullets. I'm under a dumpster among the anonymous, unhealthy looking debris, sticky and gooey, clinging to my clothes. Now, I have no clothes. I'm naked, bathed in filth. I feel the invisible bacteria crawling over my flesh, entering every open cavity of my body. This can't be good. This can't be good.

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