Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Amazon Game. How to push your eBook into top position.

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subjectTest results & assistance needed
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Hi Everyone,
As promised,  here are the results from my recent book testing.  Something significant was learned.  We can now purposefully place one of our books in the top sales position on Amazon. 
There is a lot of speculation about what will occur at that point.  Once a book hits that level of visibility, then what?  Will that visibility springboard the book into a higher sales bracket? 
Also,  what programmed triggers will kick in at that point to include the 'now popular' book into the daily mailings, better placement, etc?
The downside?  This is accomplished through giving 'gift' copies of the book being promoted.  (Which means the eAuthor purchasing copies of their book to give as gifts as a self regulated out-of-pocket expense.)
I spent $25 on gifting one title and raised it from position 342,242 to 4,131 with only 18 sales.  ($18 of the $25 was redeemed on that day.)  Of course I get 35% back and also placed the gift purchases through the ePC special amazon link for credit as well.
In my estimation, targeting a specific day to release the gift copies and spending between $100 to $500 will push the book to the highest position.  (Yes, that is a lot of money to use as a marketing/promotional budget.)  The important question is the ROI when the book is at that level.
So, to continue the test, I need to ask for your assistance.
The ePC site is compiling a database of people willing to receive free 'gift' copies of books being promoted.
Here is the 'blurb' on it:
Many authors distribute promotional copies of their ebooks. ----- Sign up to receive these free ebooks when available. ----- - Send us an email at: FreeKindleBooks@epublishingconsortium.com ----- Include the following: ----- - 1. Your Name (first & last) ----- - 2. Your Amazon account email address. ----- - 3. The city/state/country you are in. ----- - Please note, email address must be connected to your Amazon account. Email address will not be shared. They will only be used for the purpose of providing free "gift" book copies from authors in their book promotion efforts.
The ePC needs help getting the word out and getting volunteers to register for receiving free promotional (gift) copies.  Members of the ePC will be able to have their books given as gifts to these volunteers.

The target objective is 1,000 people willing to receive free gift copies.
Can you please get the word out on all related internet areas where you post/blog? 
After a significant amount have signed up, I will run the test again to see the number of sales / # 1 placement position.  Of course, those results will be shared as well.  I really want to measure what happens after that placement is reached.   
Thanks again for all of your help.  Feel free to respond with any questions.

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