Saturday, September 24, 2011

End of Space - Science Fiction Technologies Inspire New Novella

The novella, End of Space , that received a 4 out of 5 star review on Amazon, is giving birth to a new novella based on the space travelling technology first introduced in that Kindle eBook.

In End of Space, Fringe Traveler Inc owner Garrett discovered a way to travel to the end of space by merely standing still, cancelling all rotational movement on micro and macro levels, using the entire universe as a storage capacitor for the energy drained from the vehicle. This works. The cosmic traveler leaves space behind and enters an unimaginable area where perfection and absolutes exist in the eternal now. The problem is, this area is not meant for three dimensional mortals.

This idea of space travel  is giving birth to a new novella that takes place hundreds of years in the future after Garrett made his amazing discovery. In this new age, fringe travel has been made practical, it can be modulated and controlled. The Universe has been completely explored and mapped because traveling from galaxy to galaxy is as easy as stepping into the next room. But, now a new problem emerges...

Read End of Space and get prepared for more mind bending adventure and reality twisting fun in the upcoming novel based on the new fringe technology.

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