Saturday, July 16, 2011

The deep, dark secret of eBook promotion

Is there a deep, dark secret to eBook promotion? Are their authors that have discovered  an effective trick to eBook promotion that brings this task into the realm of economic reality and still leaves you time for writing and living?

I don't know if there is a secret trick. There is a popular thread on the Kindle Publishing Forum called "What Mioves Kindle books off the shelf?" The originator of the thread kindly condensed this huge thread to ten main points. This is probably as close to the Holy Grail of eBook promotion as it gets.

1) Write a book description that reads like a short story. Something that the reader can’t wait to get more of. And make sure it has no typos. (Quality editing becomes quite a theme on the thread, despite the loose attitudes we have taken to the editing of the actual posts.)

2) Price your book right. If no one has ever heard of you, your best bet is to go for 99 cents. Don’t give the reader a reason to say no to your book. If you’ve got a book out at 99 cents and have earned yourself some readers you can go higher, but try to stick between 2.99 and 3.99

3) Participate in every kindle related forum you can find. (and yet try to ignore the ones that are specifically for authors or you will only meet more authors instead of more readers.)

4) Make hay with good news. When you get a great review, or reach a new best seller list or anything else that gives you bragging rights, let the world know.

5) Blog. Blog your success, blog your progress, blog your friends and do blog tours.

6) Get early readers who can tell you if you are ready to publish yet.

7) Get a good editor who will take your book from good to professional

8) Get a great cover. People will judge your book by it.

9) Get your tail in gear (marketing is a ton of work.)

10) And be patient.

If anyone wants to tell us their deep dark secret technique of eBook promotion, we're all ears and eyes.

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