Thursday, June 16, 2011

Independent Horror Authors Publishing On Kindle

I would love if some indie horror writers that publish to the Kindle store would post comments and links to their works on this new blog. I believe strongly in the this emerging trend of self publishing. It throws wide the doors to discovering new talent, even genius, that would otherwise be hidden.

To help in your quest for recognition as an author I have found this Blog that lists reviewers. It can help save you  time in your search for these services. This list contains only those that do not charge for reviews. Yeah! Free and Freedom. I love it.

I am looking for unique, strange, weird, synthetic reality type horror that strives for an original literary style. Post your book's sales blurb and link to your Kindle book. The Kindle format is what I use so that is what I'm looking for right now. My time is limited,  I'm working on a novella at present, but if I see common ground in my artistic vision and yours I'll read and try to review it - as time allows.


Mark Leslie said...

Thought I'd get the ball rolling by posting a couple of links to some Kindle ebooks of mine that are available.

I'll start with one that Amazon is currently listing for 100% off - the price is right (It normally retails for $1.50)

ACTIVE READER(& Other Cautionary Tales from the Book World) is a collection of 3 previously published tales involving the darker side of the world of books. One is about the abuse of a book loyalty card, the other about getting trapped in a strange bookstore, and the third about someone taking a self-help book's advice to the extreme.

I also recently released a digital short direct to Kindle (as an experiment in self-publishing) - called SPIRITS, which is about two lovers getting entangled in the legacy of a haunted reperory theatre building.

I've got a couple of other titles (actual book length works) available on Kindle, but they're ebooks versions of actual print books - these two listed above represent more of a direct to Kindle/direct to digital type approach.

Carl said...

Thank you for posting information and links to your eBooks. Since you are a published author of print books/eBooks it will be interesting to see how the self-publishing experiment goes with SPIRITS. I hope it goes very well.