Friday, June 24, 2011

Beam's Doorway

Just a quick post to invite you to my website, Beam's Doorway. It is now ancient in internet years, and has become the repository of every internet experiment I have ever done. There is layer upon layer of  material if you care to explore this internet archaeological dig. I am now using it to promote "Hallucinations" and "Channeler" my  weird, strange, reality bending horror novels in the Kindle Store. I love creating the stories but promoting them is, well, a bit of a pain. Exactly how do you get someone to part with their 99 cents? It is an odd kind of selling. You don't want to be a spammer but you must somehow promote the work or it is a waste.

Speaking of spam, Spam is very important in my eBook "Hallucinations." I even have a disclaimer at the front of the book:
 [TECHNICAL NOTE: Spork is a food product made from finely ground pork and chemical preservatives, formed into a solid block, and then packaged in gelatin. It is unique in flavor and texture, and very delicious by many people's standards. The name "Spork ", as you may have guessed, is merely an alias for a real food product that exists in this reality and is guarded by trademarks. Spork is important to this story.]

So, what does Spam have to do with the desert, hallucinations and reality distortion? Gotta spend $0.99 to find out. There. Did I spam you?

This is an Email I received from a reader:

"I went to your Shelfari site and found out about your two books. I read Hallucinations on my Kindle and am now nearing the end of Channelers. The former had me laughing at times, which is rare for me. Very interesting writing. You have quite an imagination. It's hard to put down your books, so I am going through them very quickly. Do you have any more?"

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